Special Kit Twist Value Advertising Pen 1000 PCS

$750.00 $450.00

Getting customers to attend a trade show is easy when you send this amazing Promotional Pen. It’s basically used for writing and featuring durable plastic, retractable, sleek, reliable pocket clip will get their attention and generate an interest in your company.

Amazing price! Only $0.45 cents/each!



$750.00 $450.00


A quality promotional item such as Twist Value Advertising Pen with its ability to be used as writing and boasting features like click to retract and ballpoint pens, pens are a dime a dozen, just labelling a one way ticket, create a pen that will stand out, remain useful day in and day out, great way to differentiate lets your customers know that your company sets quality as a priority.

Product Size : 45 x 20 x 0 mm
Imprint Size : Screen Printing(Can be reduce or increase)
Imprint Method : 45 x 20 x 0 mm
Packing Method : Bulk Packing
Product Features : Click To Retract And Ballpoint Pens, Pens Are A Dime A Dozen, Just Labelling A One Way Ticket, Create A Pen That Will Stand Out, Remain Useful Day In And Day Out, Great Way To Differentiate
Product Material : Plastic


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