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Plastic, rectangular-shaped Power Bank; it looks like a small box. The customisable upper surface creates a pleasant contrast with the colour of the body, which remains white. Despite its compact size, Power Box has high-capacity loading up to 6000 mAh. It can be customised with silk-screen printing, and CMYK printing with a white background only.

Pantone Pantone
Pantone Blue White
Pantone Orange White
Pantone Yellow White
Pantone Green White

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Front Customisation
Silk-screen Printing.

Back Customisation
Silk-screen Printing,CMYK printing.

8,8 × 4,4 × 2,0 cm

Print Area
7,8 × 3,5 + 7,5 × 3,8 cm


Window Box XXL, Custom Window box Cardboard box with customisable colours and sizes. It has a transparent window so the product can be seen. You have the option to place the Power Bank on a thermoformed support or left loose inside the box. Custom Window box.


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