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USB flash drive that combines technology with the warm characteristics of wood. It has a standard oval shape and is equipped with a magnetic closing cap. It is available in three models: Bamboo, Maple, and Mahogany. It can be customised on both sides with silk-screen printing or resin relief.

Product code

Bamboo, Maple, Mahogany.

Delivery days

Front Customisation
Silk-screen Printing,Embossing.

Back Customisation
Silk-screen Printing,Embossing.

6,1 × 2,3 × 1,0 cm

Print Area
3,3 × 1,3 + 3,3 × 1,3 cm


Cellophane, Window Box M, Custom Window box, White Box, Plastic Case Transparent plastic package with a magnetic closure. The flash drive is placed in a white sponge that is moulded according to the shape of the selected product. Plastic Case, Plastic Pipe, Black Gift Box Mini, Eco Gift Box, Eco Box, Tin Box Rectangle, Tin Box Small, Tin Box Round.


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