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Rubber-like plastic, standard size, oval, ultra flat USB flash drive. It is equipped with a removable cap and transparent functional hook at the end to apply straps and accessories. It can be customised on both sides with silk-screen printing.

Pantone Pantone

Product code

Shiny plastic, Rubberized plastic.

Delivery days

Front Customisation
Silk-screen Printing.

Back Customisation
Silk-screen Printing.

7,0 × 2,0 × 0,8 cm

Print Area
2,5 × 1,4 cm


Cellophane, Window Box M, Custom Window box, White Box, Plastic Case, Plastic Pipe, Black Gift Box, Gift Box, Tin Box Rectangle, Tin Box Round Round metal package equipped with a closing cover and transparent window that displays the product. The flash drive is placed on a sponge moulded according to the shape of the product. Tin Box can be customised with up to 3 colours in silk-screen printing Tin Box Round.


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